2011 Senate Dem interns honored

On Monday the Indiana State Senate recognized 11 interns for their outstanding efforts as Senate Democrat Interns during the 2011 session of the 117th...

Photos: Senate Democrat Interns Honored Today

Indiana Senate Democrat Interns were recognized and honored today in the Senate with Senate Resolution 38 for their service during the Second Regular Session...

Audio: Deig offers strengthened incentive clawback for unfulfilled jobs

Today State Senator Bob Deig of Mount Vernon offered a proposal that would allow local governments to recover funds if companies move operations or...

2010 Intern Class

Senate Democrats are proud to welcome the members of the 2010 Intern Class. We look forward to a great session!

Must Reads

Breaux OpEd: Voter information sharing didn’t start with federal commission, but with Indiana state...

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity is the latest federal overreach that puts Hoosiers’ private information at risk. In reality, President Trump, Vice...