Local Government and Elections

Local Government and Elections

Details of independent redistricting debated in third hearing

On Monday, the Special Interim Committee on Redistricting held its third meeting to hear public testimony and to begin discussing the structure of a...

Week 15 in review at the Indiana General Assembly

As the legislature moves into its final weeks, the pace has accelerated. Work on the state’s two-year budget plan and the completion of drawing...

BREAUX: Lack of diversity impacts how we move forward as a state

INDIANAPOLIS-Indiana Senate Democratic Assistant Leader Jean D. Breaux (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement regarding the Senate confirmation of the lieutenant governor: “I believe in the governor’s...

What is a conference committee?

Legislators are working this week  as final negotiations continue in conference committees. Conference committees are a unique step in the legislative process designed to...

Must Reads

Lanane OpEd: “Is this the best we can do for children in Indiana?”

The 2017 Kids Count Data Report published by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Indiana Youth Institute ranks Indiana 28th among states for...