Uncategorized State Extended Benefits End in Indiana

State Extended Benefits End in Indiana


Announced today in a press release from the Dept. of Workforce Development:

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has officially notified the U.S. Department of Labor that Indiana has automatically “triggered off” State Extended Benefits.

This program, which provided up to 20 weeks of benefits to Hoosiers, automatically activates and deactivates based on certain economic indicators. House Enrolled Act 1379 temporarily changed Indiana’s indicator to a three-month average Total Unemployment Rate of six percent or higher, while the federal government paid 100% of the costs of extended benefits. Typically, Indiana’s Extended Benefits program is triggered when the 13-week average Insured Unemployment Rate exceeds five percent. The Insured Unemployment Rate measures the percent of Hoosiers receiving state unemployment from the entire pool of workers covered by the unemployment insurance system.

Since 100% federal funding of state extended benefits has lapsed, Indiana has reverted back to its traditional trigger and is now triggered off.¬† Indiana’s current 13-week average Insured Unemployment Rate is 3.28 percent. Absent HEA 1379 changing Indiana’s trigger indicator, State Extended Benefits would have automatically deactivated on July 26, 2009.