Audio Audio: Debate on property tax caps continues

Audio: Debate on property tax caps continues


The Senate Tax and Fiscal Committee voted to move SJR 1 – a proposal to place already enacted property tax caps in the state constitution – for further consideration by the full Senate. The vote was 9 to 3, with three Senate Democrats voting against the measure.

State Senator Tim Skinner of Terre Haute told the committee the caps are currently in statute and those who are going to benefit are already doing so. He said the amendment is being sold to the public as a tax savings but he questions that assertion, citing the increase in sales tax, user fees, and local income taxes. He says this is merely a tax shift and that the state should not rush to put the language into the state constitution.

Listen to Skinner’s statement:

State Senator John Broden of South Bend says he applauds the intent of reducing the reliance on property taxes, but he does not believe that this plan targets the relief to the homeowner as intended. Broden noted recent figures that indicate only 4% of the relief from property tax caps is going to homeowners.

Listen to Broden’s statement: