Uncategorized News: Board of Ed suggestions for governor's K-12 cuts

News: Board of Ed suggestions for governor's K-12 cuts


The State Board of Education sent a letter to the governor today with guidance for implementing his desired cuts to K-12 funding.

According to the Board’s letter to Governor Daniels, the Department of Education will prepare “a prioritized ‘Citizens’ Checklist’ of cost saving measures for each school corporation, school board, and school community to adopt the list at its January 8, 2010 meeting and provide the list and a framework for an appropriate public inquiry process to school corporations, the business community, and the media.”

Read the Indiana Dept. of Education’s related press release.

More from the Board’s letter to the governor:

Checklist measures will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Examination of school corporation insurance plans, including a cost-benefit analysis of joining the State of Indiana employee health plan
  • Guarantees that all school employees contribute equally and equitably to insurance plans
  • Limiting of school board members’ benefits
  • Sharing of services between school corporations
  • Closure of underutilized buildings and sale of unused buildings
  • Reduction or elimination of travel expenses, association dues and fees
  • Freeze on hiring administrative personnel
  • Freezing salaries statewide for all school corporation employees