Uncategorized News: State Extended Benefits Resume in Indiana

News: State Extended Benefits Resume in Indiana


The Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development announced Monday that Indiana has resumed providing State Extended Benefits. The benefits are resumed “due to Congress renewing 100% federal funding of the program through February 28, 2010.”

According the Jan 4 DWD press release:

This program provides up to 20 weeks of benefits to Hoosiers.

State Extended Benefits are considered the “benefit of last resort.”  These benefits include strict work search requirements and the mandate of accepting any job paying minimum wage or above that an individual can physically perform.  There are no work search waivers available on State Extended Benefits.

Hoosiers who were collecting State Extended Benefits prior to passage of Federal Extensions #3 and #4 will be able to resume collecting their State Extended Benefits, once they exhaust the new federal extensions (#3 and #4).

Hoosiers can now collect up to 99 weeks of benefits, which are detailed below.

Program Maximum #
of  weeks
Max Weeks
Regular UI 26 1-26
Federal Extension #1 20 27-46
Federal Extension #2 14 47-60
Federal Extension #3 13 51-73
Federal Extension #4 6 74-79
State Extended Benefits 20 80-99

Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions about Extended Benefits.