Photos Photos: Conservation Day takes flight

Photos: Conservation Day takes flight


Today also marked the sixth annual Conservation Day at the Statehouse sponsored by the Indiana Conservation Alliance.  Hoosiers from across the state visited the Statehouse to learn more about conservation organizations in Indiana and to meet with legislators to discuss the importance of protecting Indiana’s natural resources and preserving our environment.

Senate Democrats have proposed a variety of legislation focused on protecting our environment and investing in a sustainable future including:

  • Senate Bill (SB) 94:  Establish a Renewable Energy Standard for Indiana, requiring 20% of electricity supplied in Indiana to be supplied from renewable energy resources by the end of 2021. SB 94 would significantly reduce Indiana’s carbon footprint, as well as bolster Indiana’s energy independence.
  • SB 97:  Expands access to net metering  for utilities customers who generate some of their own power through solar, wind or other means. Net metering charges customers only for the power they use from the utility, and subtracts the amount of self-generated power from their monthly bill. Currently, Indiana only allows homeowners and schools to use net metering, and limits them to 10 kilowatts. The bill would expand net metering access to businesses and increase kilowatt limit.
  • SB 374: Establishes four demonstration grants to encourage energy efficient construction or rehabilitation of a public school or university building using money available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
  • SB 234: Prohibits transfers from the Indiana Recycling Promotion and Assistance Fund to any other fund, protecting these funds for recycling efforts and sustainable business growth.
  • SB 194: Encourages the expansion of Indiana’s local and organic food production by informing policy makers of impact and findings of ongoing work to expand and modernize those sectors of the state’s agriculture industry. Local and organic food networks create sustainable communities and healthy environmental practices.
  • Senate Concurrent Resolution 13: Urges Indiana’s U.S. Senate delegation to support clean energy & climate change legislation.

Conservation Day at the Statehouse

State Senator Sue Errington meets with constituents.

State Senator Tim Lanane discusses upcoming legislation with a constituent.

Conservation Day also included live birds of prey from Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis.