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Why the Census matters


Hoosiers are encouraged to complete and return their U.S. Census forms this month. The federal census is conducted every 10 years, and accurate census counts are important to our daily lives for many reasons.

Census forms are being delivered to every household in the country. Residents are asked to answer 10 short questions and mail the form back in the postage-paid envelope that has been provided.

The census is important for collecting data that will help communities in numerous ways and with only 10 questions, the 2010 census is the shortest to date.

25 Reasons the Census Matters:
1.    Decision-making at all levels of government (including where district lines are drawn)
2.    Distribution of over $400B in federal funds
3.    Rural development, land use and urban planning
4.    Forecasting population trends
5.    Creating plans for hospitals and maps for emergency services to households
6.    Delivering goods and services to local markets
7.    Planning public transportation projects
8.    Attracting new businesses to an area
9.    Designing public safety strategies
10.    Researching school projects
11.    Developing assistance programs for low-income families and directing funds to services for people living in poverty
12.    Monitoring economic trends
13.    Charting local demographic changes
14.    Understanding local and regional labor supplies
15.    Forecasting future housing needs
16.    Locating factory sites and distribution centers
17.    Designing facilities for the elderly, children and people with disabilities
18.    Geneological and historical research
19.    Establishing baseline demographics for medical research
20.    Estimating the number of people displaced by natural disasters
21.    Assessing the potenital for spread of communicable diseases
22.    Locating areas eligible for federal housing assistance and rehab loans
23.    Comparing progress between different geographic areas
24.    Scientific research
25.    Setting community goals

Census forms do NOT ask for Social Security numbers, bank accounts or other personal information. If you receive requests for this information, contact the Census Bureau immediately by calling 1-800-865-6384.

For more information on the 2010 Census, visit www.2010.census.gov and www.census.indiana.edu.