Local Government and Elections Summer study committees announced

Summer study committees announced


Throughout the summer and fall when the Indiana General Assembly is not in session, numerous interim committees and commissions are convened to conduct in-depth research and analysis on many of the complex issues facing our state. The recommendations formed over the next few months by the work of these committees, which includes public testimony, are included in proposals likely to be considered during the next legislative session. Most study committees must complete their work by November 1st.

Today, the Legislative Council approved a resolution adopting the following topics for study:

  • The Census Data Advisory Committee will study the 2011 redistricting process.
  • The newly formed Committee on Economic Development will study available economic development tools and how Indiana’s tax laws can encourage business development.
  • “Sexting” by minors and whether school corporations should adopt policies to address the issue will be studied by the Criminal Law and Sentencing Policy Study Committee.
  • The production of methamphetamine and its effects on Hoosiers, the costs of enforcement, and the regulation of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine will also be studied by the Criminal Law and Sentencing Policy Study Committee.
  • Suicide among young people, including the root causes and prevention methods, will be studied by the Commission on Mental Health.
  • A statewide smoking ban, which has failed in the last three sessions of the Indiana General Assembly, will be studied by the Health Finance Commission.
  • The Indiana Check Up Plan (and the Healthy Indiana Plan) and the impact of federal health care reform on the program will also be reviewed by the Health Finance Commission.
  • A report on the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is expected to be presented to the Health Finance Commission by the non-partisan state Legislative Services Agency.
  • The Health Finance Commission will also study the prevalence of brain injuries, the scope of brain injury services, and financing for those services.
  • A number of issues relating to the horse racing industry in Indiana will be studied by the Interim Study Committee on Gaming.
  • Crime victims’ ability to terminate leases under certain circumstances will be reviewed by the Commission on Courts, prompted by the death of Indiana resident Sheena Kiska.
  • The Committee on Economic Development will study the benefits of existing Community Revitalization Enhancement Districts, such as the new Delaware CRED approved by the 2010 Indiana General Assembly, as an economic development tool.

Read the full list of summer study committee topics here >

Committee meeting dates, agendas, and minutes will all be available online at www.in.gov/legislative/interim/committee.  View the interim calendar >