Uncategorized Knock, knock. Have you participated in the Census yet?

Knock, knock. Have you participated in the Census yet?


The 2010 Census is  underway, and more than three out of every four Hoosier households have responded to the census by mail. Indiana’s participation level sits well above the national average and ahead of the state’s participation in 2000. Census takers are now visiting the homes of the those not yet counted to ask residents the same questions that were on the mail-in form.

If 100% of U.S. households mailed back their forms, taxpayers would save $1.5 billion dollars.

Get local.
To find out the participation rate in your community, download the map of your Senate District:




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Don’t know your Senate District? Find out here >
Visit 2010.census.gov to download and view census participation by state and zip code.

Why participate?
This year’s form is one of the shortest census questionnaires in history and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Why take the 10 minutes? Read the earlier Briefing Room post: 25 reasons why the Census matters.

Beware of Census scams.
All census workers carry official government badges marked with just their name and will never ask to enter a home. Census forms DO NOT ask for Social Security numbers, bank accounts or other personal information. If you are uncertain about the identity of a census taker, please call the Census Bureau at 1-800-865-6384 to confirm they are employed by the Census Bureau.