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Federal Unemployment Extensions Expire


The Dept. of Workforce Development issued this press release today regarding the anticipated expiration of federal unemployment extensions:

INDIANAPOLIS – Today marks the expiration of the five federally funded extensions of unemployment (EEUC and EB). Approximately 90,000 Hoosiers are currently receiving federally funded extended benefits.

Eligible individuals will receive benefits for the weeks they have remaining on their Regular State Unemployment (UI) and the four federal extensions (EEUC), but will not begin the next tier of benefits after November 30, 2010 (see below). DWD estimates about 4,000 Hoosiers per week will exhaust their benefits and thus not have a voucher to file beginning Sunday, December 5, 2010.

The Extended Benefit (EB) program does not have a phase-out period. According to federal law, all Extended Benefit payments will stop immediately on Sunday, December 12, 2010. Approximately 16,000 Hoosiers are currently receiving extended benefits.

Beginning December 19, 2010, the $25 weekly federal additional payment will also expire due to federal law.

According to a summary of the federal extension by the AP, the estimated national impact will be significant:

The Labor Department estimates 635,000 would be cut off the week that ends Dec. 11, more than 1.6 million by Christmas and 1.98 million people would lose all benefits by Jan. 1. The figure would rise to 3.29 million by Jan. 29.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can a person tell if they have exhausted benefits?
Hoosiers should visit their Uplink homepage. Look at the line that contains information associated with the current tier of benefits (UI, EEUC or EB). Follow that line to the right and look for the Maximum Benefit and Paid‐to‐Date. When those two numbers are the same, after November 30, 2010, benefits are exhausted. If all benefits are exhausted no new vouchers will appear on your Uplink homepage.

How can I determine how many weeks of benefits I have remaining?
The Dept. Workforce Development has created a graphic to help determine the number of weeks remaining.

See more FAQs from Dept. of Workforce Development.


The federal Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 (H.R. 4213) was signed by President Obama on July 22. The bill extended unemployment benefits through the end of November to the roughly 2.5 million long-term unemployed whose benefits ran out at the end of May. More background on these benefits is available in an August 3 update >>

Unemployment Program
Max Weeks Cumulative Weeks *
State Unemployment (UI) 26 XX
Federal Extension 1 (EEUC) 20 46
Federal Extension 2 (EEUC) 14 60
Federal Extension 3 (EEUC) 13 73
Federal Extension 4 (EEUC) 6 79
Extended Benefits (EB) 20 99

*Prior to November 30, 2010