Uncategorized 2011 session begins

2011 session begins

The 2011 session began on Wednesday, with the Senate and House called to order at 1:30.

Considering expectations for a difficult session and many big issues in need of solutions, this year’s activities have had a slow start. In contrast, committee hearings began early in December of 2008 to prepare for the new state budget and property tax reform of 2009. No early start this year.  House Committees met on Thursday, Jan. 6, and Senate Committees will begin work on Monday, Jan. 10.

What is on the agenda? A new 2-year state budget, an increasing $2B loan from the feds to pay unemployment benefits, education reform, and the drawing of new maps for state legislative districts and federal congressional districts (just to name a few).

Some legislators don’t seem to be adhering to the governor’s stance on keeping social issues from complicating the already difficult process this year, either. With bills on potentially controversial issues such abortion, Islamic culture, workers’ right to organize, and gay marriage, how each chamber’s leaders keep the drama down and the momentum going is yet to be seen.

Stay tuned for legislative activity in the Indiana Statehouse through April 29.

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