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State of the State


Governor Mitch Daniels delivered his seventh State of the State address on Tuesday evening to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly.

Democrat lawmakers responded to the speech with disappointment over the governor’s lack of attention to the state’s unemployment and economic problems. Democrats said the governor’s portrayal of Indiana’s job climate does not match the reality of Hoosiers who are out of work or the drop in Indiana’s standing against the national average personal income.

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LISTEN: Senate Democrat Leader Vi Simpson’s response to the speech from a press conference immediately after the event.

“This speech was supposed to be about the state of the state….”

“Education reform starts with adequate funding…”

READ: Senate Democrat Leader Vi Simpson also issued the following statement:

I was disappointed that the governor did not spend time tonight addressing what is on the minds of over 300,000 unemployed Hoosiers – Jobs. The real state of our state is that too many Hoosiers are out of work and the wages are dropping.

The state’s fiscal condition right now reflects that of Indiana households – high uncertainty about income and tough decisions on how we can best spend limited dollars.

Governor Daniels has said the overarching vision of his economic plan is ‘to meet the national average in per capita income and average annual wages by 2020.’ Instead, our average personal income has fallen from 34th in the nation to 40th. The average income of Hoosier workers has dropped from 90 percent of the national average to 85 percent since 2004. That means we’re not recovering faster than other states, but we can.

Our caucus has introduced several solutions ranging from immediate job creation through building projects to helping small businesses access start-up capital. I hope the General Assembly will spend time on these and other ideas and all agree that the most critical task is getting households, communities and our state back on stable ground.