Video Governor's budget plan released

Governor's budget plan released

The governor released his budget proposal to the State Budget Committee on Thursday afternoon.

State Senator Tallian (D-Portage) sits on the State Budget Committee and says that it’s important to not that while the governor calls it a flat-line in spending,  the cuts made in the current  budget cycle will not be restored in the new budget.

LISTEN: Sen. Tallian “The budget committee met today and finally received the governor’s version…..”

WATCH the video below to hear more of Sen. Tallian’s reaction.


Despite the portrayal of “flat-lining,” education funding under the governor’s proposed budget includes:

  • K-12 education funding is set at $6.2B per year.
    • This funding level represents a 2.7% cut from the FY 10 appropriation and a 4.75% cut from the FY 11 appropriation.
  • Higher education funding is set at $1.65B per year.
    • This funding level represents a 4.2% cut from the FY 10 total higher ed appropriation and a 6.2% cut from the FY 11 appropriation.

Democrats also questioned the wisdom in some cuts that may result in higher future costs to the state, such as:

  • Many Medicaid services not required by the federal government were reduced or eliminated.
    • All chiropractic services, and dental, vision and podiatric services now covered under Medicaid is eliminated.
    • Unrestricted access to mental health drugs is eliminated and other changes to this benefit.
  • Some (5.74%) of the state’s cigarette tax revenue is redirected into the general fund instead of health programs as intended.

Less than 24 hours after the governor promised no “gimmicks” in his State of the State Address, Democrats pointed to an example in the gov’s budget plan:

  • $200 M is pulled from the $250 M Public Deposit Insurance Fund, a trust fund established to protect public savings held in community banks. The money would go to the state’s general fund without a plan for replacement.

Want more details of the governor’s plan? Visit the State Budget Agency’s website for more documents>>

What’s Next? The House Ways and Means Committee will hold a series of public hearings on House Bill 1001, the actual state budget legislation.The House-passed budget will be sent to the Senate, where hearings will be held in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Once the Senate approves their own version, a reconciliation will be made – likely to happen in late April before the April 29 deadline.

While governor’s budget will be taken into consideration by the legislature, lawmakers are not required to pass the same plan. The governor does, however, hold the power of a veto as with any legislation, so his recommendations will play a significant role in negotiations.