Audio Sen. Skinner calls exception for charter schools a double standard

Sen. Skinner calls exception for charter schools a double standard


On Wednesday the Senate Education Committee heard a number of controversial education reform bills. One of the bills, Senate Bill 1, concerns teacher evaluations and licensing.

SB 1 would establish a new salary schedule based on the results of a teacher’s evaluation, the teacher’s performance as an instructional or curriculum leader or mentor, and whether the teacher is in a high priority subject matter or grade level. It would eliminate raises based on the completion of additional college degrees or graduate credit hours.

Sen. Tim Skinner of Terre Haute told State Superintendent Tony Bennett that he takes issue with a provision in the bill that provides an exception for charter schools by allowing up to half of teachers in those schools to be unlicensed. Sen. Skinner said that to require all public schools to have all licensed teachers and charter schools to only require 50 percent is a double standard.

LISTEN to Sen. Skinner’s comments from the committee hearing:

“You know I’ve got a lot of frustration…..” (Length: 00:30)

“And I see a bill like this….” (Length: 01:19)

Full comments (Length: 09:21)

Senate Bill 1 was held in the committee and will likely be voted on next week, but several other bills were approved by the committee on Wednesday:

SB 294: Probationary teacher contracts

SB 482: Adult education

SB 495: Lawsuits by school corporations

SB 497: Higher education scholarship