Local Government and Elections Senator Lanane Statehouse Update: Redistricting

Senator Lanane Statehouse Update: Redistricting


On Thursday, Feb. 10 the U.S. Census Bureau released Indiana’s 2010 census data that will be used to realign congressional and state legislative districts, taking into account population shifts since the 2000 Census.

The Indiana General Assembly will begin work in upcoming weeks to redraw the maps, with approval expected by the April 29 legislative session deadline. Watch the video below to hear Sen. Tim Lanane, the Senate Democrat lead on the effort, discuss this vital process.


Data for Indiana show that the five most populous incorporated places and their 2010 Census counts are:

  • Indianapolis, 829,718 (4.8% growth)
  • Fort Wayne, 253,691 (23.3% growth)
  • Evansville, 117,429 (3.4% decline)
  • South Bend, 101,168 (6.1% growth)
  • Hammond, 80,830 (2.7% decline)

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