Audio SB 23 Communities for a Lifetime progresses through Committee

SB 23 Communities for a Lifetime progresses through Committee


AUDIO RELEASE: Helping communities prepare for aging populations

INDIANAPOLIS—The Indiana Senate Local Government Committee unanimously approved a measure today that would help Indiana communities better prepare for issues faced by an aging population. Senate Bill 23, authored by State Senator Vi Simpson of Ellettsville, would establish the Hoosier Commission for Communities for a Lifetime to help communities keep and attract residents by planning for issues faced by aging citizens such as housing, mobility, physical and mental health and loss of independence.

Linton Mayor Tom Jones testified before the committee about his community’s success in planning and making changes in transportation and other local systems to improve the quality of life for not only aging residents, but also young people.

Sen. Simpson says the goal of the commission would be establishing community models which best allow aging residents to remain active in their communities through social and civic engagement.

Senate Bill 23 is now eligible for further consideration before the full Senate.

SEN. SIMPSON: “It’s a designation that would be awarded for a planning process…”


MAYOR JONES: “Over the course of time here doing our studies and our work we found out…”


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Linton Mayor Tom Jones, Dr. Stafford from IU, Senator Vi Simpson and others who testified in support of SB 23.