Hoosier Economy Budget Brief: House Republicans' budget proposal

Budget Brief: House Republicans' budget proposal


On Thursday House Ways and Means Chair Jeff Espich (R-Uniondale) gave a preview of the House Republicans’ budget proposal for FY2012-2013. A committee vote on an amendment that makes substantial changes to the school funding formula is expected on Friday.

According to the Associated Press,

Individual school districts could see major shifts in funding but overall education funding would remain at current levels under a state budget plan presented Thursday by Republicans who control the Indiana House.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Jeff Espich of Uniondale says the budget’s school-funding formula would give increases to districts currently getting less per-pupil funding, while districts with bigger per-student amounts would lose cash.

Education officials say the change would mean serious cuts of millions of dollars to some districts, including some in urban and rural areas.

The House budget includes several changes from Gov. Mitch Daniels’ budget proposal, including the restoration of a proposed 3-percent cut to higher education. The House budget also includes limits on college tuition increases that would affect Indiana universities.

Documents released by Rep. Espich on Feb. 17, 2011:

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