Audio Feb. 23 media availability with Sen. Vi Simpson

Feb. 23 media availability with Sen. Vi Simpson


On Wednesday, Feb. 23 Senate Democrat Leader Vi Simpson held a media availability to update the public at the mid-point of the legislative session and answer questions on recent Statehouse events.

The video and audio provided below was recorded during this media availability as Sen. Simpson replied to questions from Statehouse reporters.


When asked about the decision by the House Democrats to walk out this week, blocking a votes on several divisive bills, Sen. Simpson explained it is the constitutional right of the minority to use that tool to make their concerns heard when more traditional negotiations fail. She said it’s not an option to be taken lightly, and pointed out that House Republicans have also used the tactic in the past when they felt they needed to do so.

“It’s in the constitution. It’s a constitutional right of the minority…”

Sen. Simpson told reporters she has thought since the beginning of the session that the real question was how the Republican leadership in each chamber was going to control the radical agenda of a few members. This week’s events show that radical agenda has led to the shut-down in the House.

“You know at the beginning of this session…”

Will Senate Democrats support the Senate Republican leadership’s proposal that the so-called right to work bill (House Bill 1468) become a study committee on the topic?

“I don’t know how much more we need to study right to work…”

When will House Democrats return?

“I  believe that the House Democrats who are in Illinois…”

“This legislative process works best when people come together and compromise…”

Why is the so-called “right to work” bill and other bills aimed at organized labor and public education are so important?

“Everybody who works for a living should be concerned…”

“This whole notion that public employees should not be able to collectively bargain…”

“There is lack of knowledge about what labor unions have done for this nation…”