Hoosier Economy Budget Hearing: Horse Racing Commission, SSACI and CHE

Budget Hearing: Horse Racing Commission, SSACI and CHE


On Thursday the Senate Appropriations Committee took testimony from the Commission for Higher Education (CHE), State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI), and the Indiana Horse Racing Commission.

Commission For Higher Ed (CHE)

Funding: The CHE met the base rate suggested by the State Budget Agency at $13.7M below amount recommended in 2009. CHE remains committed to basing 5% of universities’ funding allocation off of their success in meeting the Performance Funding Formula (PFF) metrics.


Capital projects: CHE did not recommend any new capital projects in the FY 2012-2013 budget.

Maintenance funding: CHE recommended approximately $50M in R&R funding. The House  Ways & Means version removed this line item, but Senate Republicans indicated they may choose to put the designated funding back in to the budget. There was also discussion of redesigning the R&R formula to accommodate disparities between recommendations and requests by each university.

For more information on the CHE budget request, read our earlier Budget Brief>>


SSACI – 21st Century Scholars program

Potential areas that could be reformed to address funding shortfalls for 21st Century program:

  • About 30% of students funded by 21st century scholars do not have financial need at the time of graduation. Insert a provision that allows a student to be disqualified if they no longer meet the income requirements for the program at the time of graduation
  • Raise the GPA requirement from 2.0  to 2.5.


Horse Racing Commission:

The Horse Racing Commission rose in opposition to Rep. Espich’s HB 1001 amendment which moved $15M from the horse racing industry to IEDC.

A study on the economic impact of the horse racing industry conducted by Purdue University was provided to the committee.