Audio Senate Democrats first to release statewide redistricting proposals

Senate Democrats first to release statewide redistricting proposals

During a Wednesday morning press conference, Senate Democrats unveiled the first district proposals of the 2011 redistricting process. Under their “Good Government Plan,” the Democrats released their first draft of proposed statewide maps for State Senate and U.S. Congressional districts, adhering to public calls for compact, simplified districts.

Current and proposed maps :

State Senator Tim Lanane (D-Anderson), the Ranking Democrat on the Senate Elections Committee and the caucus lead on redistricting, said the Good Government Plan adheres to three primary principles: compactness, communities of interest and competitiveness. Lanane said proposed maps are based on a regional approach with an emphasis on logical boundaries and keeping neighborhoods, towns and other communities together.

For example, Senate District 35 currently includes portions of Marion, Morgan and Johnson counties. The district proposed under the Democrats’ Good Government map is wholly within Wayne Township in Marion County.

Senate Democrat Leader Vi Simpson (D-Ellettsville) added that the caucus is committed to protecting the public’s interest by proposing easy-to-understand districts and giving the members of the public an opportunity to respond and provide input to the proposals.

SEN. SIMPSON: “Today, we’re proposing the first draft of some maps…”

SEN. LANANE: “You do have to remember, this is not an exact science…”

SEN. LANANE: “Current Senate District 20, it sort of meanders…”

SEN. LANANE: “When you look at the two maps with the current congressional districts…”

SEN. SIMPSON: “Our reason for putting our maps out now …”

SEN. SIMPSON: “Let me just inject a note of reality …”


SEN. SIMPSON: “For many years the Senate Democrat Caucus…”

Senate Democrats will make the Good Government map data files available for download on their redistricting website at More information on the Senate Democrats’ Good Government Plan, including the proposed maps, and an opportunity for constituents to engage and provide feedback is available on the site.

Constituent input is also being sought at and a public discussion is encouraged on Twitter using #INMaps hash tag.