Uncategorized Release: Senate Democrats call rush process for ‘Right to Work’ a mockery

Release: Senate Democrats call rush process for ‘Right to Work’ a mockery

Emergency passage only done in hopes of avoiding embarrassment during Super Bowl

 INDIANAPOLIS—Senate Democratic Leader Vi Simpson (D-Ellettsville) released the following statement on behalf of the Senate Democratic Caucus in response to today’s announcement that the House-passed version of the contentious “Right to Work” bill, House Bill 1001, will be heard in the Senate next week.

“We learned today that the Senate Republican leadership has again changed the Senate schedule, this time to accommodate the fabricated emergency of ‘Right to Work.’ This schedule is not driven by principle or the will of the people, but by political fears that public outcry during the Super Bowl will embarrass those forcing this agenda on our state.

“This session has been a series of ‘say one thing, do another.’ First they say we will follow the traditional legislative process with this legislation, and then they push this bill through committees without amendments. They continue to say they aren’t fast-tracking ‘Right to Work,’ but then they make plans to hold a special committee hearing on Monday at 9 a.m. Senator Long had announced no session was to be held on Wednesday, February 1, and now we’re holding session on that day solely to get this bill to the governor before the Super Bowl.

“We oppose ‘Right to Work.’ We oppose yet another attack on hard-working, middle class Hoosiers. And we oppose this mockery of the legislative process.”

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