Audio Senate Democrats’ comments from Feb. 1 “Right to Work” floor debate

Senate Democrats’ comments from Feb. 1 “Right to Work” floor debate


Senate Democrats rallied one last time on Wednesday to speak out against the contentious “Right to Work” bill as it gained passage in the Indiana State Senate. With a vote of 28 to 22, House Bill 1001 was sent to Governor Daniels who promptly signed the legislation this afternoon. Click the links below to listen to Senate Democratic Caucus members floor comments in opposition to the legislation. (Read more about events of Feb. 1 >>)

SEN. SIMPSON: “Weeks and months from now I want you to ask yourself this question; Was it worth it?…”

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SEN. SIMPSON: “Right to work is a race to the bottom, it’s a downward spiral…”

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SEN. ROGERS : “There’s a different relationship between management and unions now and we don’t need to interfere…”

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SEN. SKINNER: “I don’t believe for a minute that companies are going to flock to Indiana…”

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SEN. HUME: “They can always give wage increases, they can always give better benefits. This bill won’t change that but what it will do is let them give less…”


SEN. TAYLOR: “I find it disturbing as to how we can make so many issues in this chamber partisan  …”

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SEN. MRVAN: “The common sense thing is that we don’t need it, we don’t want it…”

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SEN. RANDOLPH: “Is it an unreasonable intrusion  in terms of the worker’s rights and a right to contract…”

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SEN. LANANE: “Whether we want to face it or not, it is decent wages, decent working conditions and benefits that have built the middle class…”

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SEN. TALLIAN: “ I’m standing here and I’m going to give you my final words. My parting shot, because that’s what this bill is…”

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SEN. ARNOLD: “What we have gone through the last four weeks in this chamber has been extremely draining to all of us. But it has been nothing compared to what it’s been to the working men and women…”

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SEN. YOUNG: “In my district several years ago I had a company that manufactured auto parts and they left the state of Indiana…”

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