Video Audit Watch: Will it go far enough?

Audit Watch: Will it go far enough?


Update: On June 4 the State Budget Committee selected Deloitte from 10 companies to conduct the audit. The cost of the audit is not yet known as it will be conducted on an hourly fee basis. No timeline was set by the committee, but it is expected to be finished by the end of the year. More details on what the audit will include>>

The State Budget Committee is gearing up for their next meeting in Vincennes to hear presentations from numerous departments on their fiscal standing. Among other topics, the committee is expected to review and discuss the independent audit of the Indiana Department of Revenue  proposed by Senate Democrats earlier this year.

The audit, which comes on the heels of multiple fiscal blunders by the Daniels administration,  seeks to remedy past errors and unearth any  future mistakes. The initial two mistakes occurred within the IDOR and following multiple calls to action, Senate Democrats secured the commitment to review the policies and procedures of the department at an early April State Budget Committee meeting.


Following the April meeting, two more fiscal issues came to head; An April excise tax distribution error by the Office of the Auditor followed by the discovery  of late fees charged to several departments under the Daniels administration. In total, over $527 million has been mismanaged on a statewide level.

Indiana: Paying the Price of Mismanagement

Senate Democrats have repeatedly called for more legislative oversight and a wider audit of the state’s fiscal condition as the 2013 Budget Session grows nearer.