Child Safety and Welfare Update: DCS review shifts to concerns over provider reimbursement rates, timeliness

Update: DCS review shifts to concerns over provider reimbursement rates, timeliness


On Monday, the Department of Child Services (DCS) Study Committee met to examine how the agency handles contracts with third-party providers. The committee heard testimony from DCS staff on how the agency processes contracts and how adjustments to that process have been made since property tax reforms upended the agency’s funding procedures.

Download DCS’s committee presentation on provider contracting (PDF)>>

The committee also took testimony from care providers with firsthand experience of the issues they have faced when contracting with the Department of Child Services. Providers noted difficulty with the Department’s frequently changing billing requirements and rigidity when handling billing requests. Concerns were also raised about the reduction in reimbursement rates paid to providers and the timeliness by which those payments were made. In May of 2012, DCS owed $8.5 million in payments more than 60 days outstanding to 49 different providers.

The committee also took public questions on the neglected child hotline, the topic of the committee’s previous meeting.

Read a summary of the committee’s previous hearing on the Department’s abuse hotline>>


Testimony can be provided in person at the meetings or in writing via email, USPS mail or by bringing your letter to an upcoming meeting.

The next two meetings of the committee will allow time for public testimony. Both meetings will be held at the Indiana Statehouse in the House chamber on the following dates:

  • October 11 at 1pm
  • October 25 at 1pm

Submit your comments in writing to:
Sen. John Broden
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204