Uncategorized Senate Democrats host Latino community leaders

Senate Democrats host Latino community leaders


Members of the Senate Democratic Caucus  held an inaugural roundtable discussion with Hispanic community leaders today. Organized by Senator Tim Lanane, the meeting reached out to the growing Latino population for input on issues impacting the community and state. Senators Breaux, Mrvan, Tallian, Rogers, Arnold, Young and Stoops as well as legislators from the Indiana House were in attendance and discussed upcoming legislation and its effect on the Latino community in Indiana.

The forum consisted of community leaders with backgrounds ranging from education to healthcare and law representing cities from across the state. Though the floor was open for discussion on any topic, the conversation primiarly focused on education issues that affect the Latino community. Attendees also discussed graduation rates, bilingualism and poverty as areas of concern for Latinos. Future round table topics will include healthcare, the criminal justice system, community sensitivity, obesity and more.

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