Photos Lanane, governor talk 2013 legislative session on Inauguration Day

Lanane, governor talk 2013 legislative session on Inauguration Day

Lanane to Pence: Keep focus on issues that build Indiana, not divide

Following the inauguration of Indiana’s 50th Governor, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane  met with Governor Mike Pence and legislative leadership. Sen. Lanane shared the following remarks:

“The governor’s inclusion of Statehouse leadership from day-one is a much appreciated gesture and I think sets us on good footing to tackle some of the state’s most pressing issues as a unified front.

“Job creation along with worker education and training are two issues the governor campaigned on and it is my hope that these initiatives become the main focus of his legislative agenda.

“It was gratifying to hear Governor Pence state that he is a governor for all people. We need to steer clear of contentious social issues that divide our state and instead focus on building Indiana on a foundation of public policy that benefits all Hoosiers.

“The governor was right to highlight jobs, workforce development, education, and quality of life in his address today. These are the issues that strengthen our communities and encourage others to join us in the Hoosier state.

“Building upon these issues in a way that attracts all citizens looking to help Indiana grow is something we must strive for. That’s means putting aside a few of our social differences to come together and move Indiana forward.”

Senator Lanane: “It was a good meeting, very cordial. The governor set…” (00:31)