Education Lanane stresses legislative responsibility, calls for exhaustive study

Lanane stresses legislative responsibility, calls for exhaustive study


Quotable_Dem_Lanane 3.26Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) gave the following statement in response to today’s ruling from the Indiana Supreme Court concerning the state’s school voucher program.

“In light of today’s decision by the Indiana Supreme Court concerning vouchers, we feel this only heightens the need for the Indiana General Assembly to scrutinize the fiscal impact of expanding vouchers and study what oversight measures are necessary to protect taxpayer investment.

“We must be careful not to judge this as an affirmation of vouchers, if anything it should give even more reason for pause.

“The court has specifically noted the role of the legislature in determining the state’s educational policies. I would join the growing chorus of others in the belief that the impact the voucher program has on every Hoosier child’s ability to obtain a high-quality education deserves a thorough study.

“Determining these policies is now squarely the legislature’s responsibility. To not give this issue careful consideration would be reckless.

“We echo the previous sentiments of our colleagues across the aisle as to the concern over the long-term impact of vouchers on our public schools.

“Therefore, before expanding this program any further, we will push for a study of the long-term impacts of vouchers. A study previously called for by members of both parties.

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