Education Commission set to investigate ISTEP+ interruptions

Commission set to investigate ISTEP+ interruptions


Next Friday, the Commission on Education will begin their examination of Indiana’s ISTEP+ testing procedure. The commission will look to identify the issues that led to the disruption of the state’s computerized testing system affecting as many as 80,000 students.

The hearing will begin at 1pm in the Senate Chamber and will include testimony from CTB/McGraw-Hill President Ellen Haley. CTB/McGraw-Hill holds the four-year contract to provide testing services to Indiana’s schools, running through June 2014. The contract was awarded in 2011 by then Superintendent of Public instruction Tony Bennett.

Current State Superintendent Glenda Ritz had earlier this month moved forward with an independent review  to verify ISTEP+ test scores. Student test scores factor into how both teachers and schools are evaluated.

The meeting is open to the public and will include time for  public comment. Those interested in testifying will be asked to sign up before the hearing begins.