Uncategorized Technical corrections bill passes unanimously

Technical corrections bill passes unanimously

Technical_correctionsOn Tuesday, June 17th, the General Assembly met for Technical Corrections Day. Indiana Code  (IC 2-2.1-1-3.5)  allows for this additional day of session to be convened to address any discrepancies found in enrolled acts from earlier in the year.  In the past, Technical Correction Days have also been called to overturn gubernatorial vetoes, but the governor did not veto any legislation this year. Highlighted in this technical session is HEA 1006.


Here is an outline of the most significant changes made to HEA 1006:

Credit Restricted Felons

  • It was not the intention of the drafters of HEA 1006 to shorten the maximum sentence for serious offenders.  The technical corrections bill rectifies this mistake by lengthening the maximum sentence for Level 1 credit restricted felons from 40 years to 50 years.  The corrections also address sexually based offenses.

Arrest by Law Enforcement Officer for Theft

  • The Technical Corrections Bill allows a police officer to arrest a person if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person committed misdemeanor theft even if the theft was not committed in the officer’s presence.

Child Seduction Penalty

  • The Technical Corrections Bill clears up ambiguity in the penalty for child seduction.

Drug-related Offenses

  • The Technical Corrections Bill resolves the inconsistencies in the penalties for various drug-related offenses changed by HEA 1006.

The Technical Corrections Bill will also make minor changes to HEA 1180 and HEA 1279.

In HEA 1180, the term “alternative fuel” will be changed to “natural gas product” in order to be consistent with the language used in another code section.  This act addresses natural gas, propane, and butane used as motor fuel.

Changes will also be made to HEA 1279 correcting a conflict regarding a penalty provision of the statute on replacement and transfer of certificates of title in relationship to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

For more information on HB 1448 (Technical Corrections Bill) visit:  https://iga.in.gov/legislative/2014/bills/house/1448/