Education Lanane: Our fears for public ed are now confirmed

Lanane: Our fears for public ed are now confirmed


INDIANAPOLIS – Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following statement regarding the release of the Indiana Department of Education’s annual report on the CHOICE Scholarship.

“The new numbers on the CHOICE Scholarship now confirm our long-running fear that using state funds for vouchers are at the risk of public education.

“We’re giving taxpayers the bait and switch. I don’t think Hoosiers will be happy to know that their money isn’t getting the bang for its buck they were promised.

“We were supposed to save money and then put that savings back into our schools. Now we know that instead, we’re spending nearly $16 million a year to keep this thing going without any proof that is actually improving our educational system.

“It is clear that public schools are subsidizing republicans’ unproven experiment with our education system.

“The taxpayers of Indiana have entrusted the State Government with their hard earned money, resulting in a failing charter school program and a public school system that is facing an underfunded budget.

“The door was blown wide open for the expansion of vouchers without any proven results and with every voucher granted, a public school loses more funding. This doesn’t just cost the state $15.7 million dollars, this costs schools the ability to operate on an already tight budget.

“It is our duty under the state constitution to allocate proper funding to our public school system so that the children of Indiana are given the best possible chance at an excellent education.  Taking money away from public schools only hurts the future of our state.”