Child Safety and Welfare 2014 Interim Study Committee topics

2014 Interim Study Committee topics

Every summer the Indiana General Assembly constructs study committees and commissions to explore a variety of topics concerning the bills and laws from the past session. The recommendations from these studies are likely to be a blue print for bills proposed in the upcoming session. Committees are made up of members from the General Assembly and serve as one-half of its voting membership.

The following is a list of the interim study committees and commissions as well as the topics they are assigned:

Interim Study Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources

  •  A statewide policy for recreational trails and the maintenance of recreational trails.
  •  A method to distribute money deposited into the recreational trail and maintenance fund.
  •  Regulation of shooting preserves
  •  The risk of disease from importing animals into Indiana for use in shooting preserves.

Interim Study Committee on Commerce & Economic Development

  • Examines the economic and workforce development impact of the medical device industry in Indiana.

Interim Study Committee on Corrections & Criminal Code

  • Criminal justice issues concerning individuals with autism spectrum disorders as well as juvenile justice issues.

Interim Study Committee on Courts & Judiciary

  • Issues with digital privacy such as: searches of electronic devices, disclosure of electronic user data, collection and use of geo-location information, and the collection and use of biometric information by government agencies.
  • Whether a defendant should be able to claim a nonparty defense in an Indiana statute grants the nonparty immunity from liability.
  • Whether a father that has abandoned a birth mother during pregnancy should be required to consent to the adoption of the child.
  • Review and report on all requests for new courts or changes in jurisdiction of existing courts.

Interim Study Committee on Education

  • Pre-kindergarten and early learning.
  •  Student discipline and the suspension, expulsion, or exclusion of a student from school.

Interim Study Committee on Employment & Labor

  •  Job sharing working conditions and benefits.

Interim Study Committee on Environmental Affairs

  • Statewide standards for sewage disposal systems, including septic tanks and related facilities and devices.
  • Sewage disposal systems using alternative technologies that off better performance than traditional sewage disposal systems.

Interim Study Committee on Fiscal Policy

  • Whether Indiana should implement a state-based health exchange, the current operation of the federal exchange in Indiana, the definition of “essential health benefits” for use in Indiana under the Affordable Care Act and access to consumer choice of health care providers.
  • A multi-year review, analysis, and evaluation of all tax incentives.
  • Comparison of the effectiveness of tax credits to the effectiveness of grant programs in encouraging the preservation and commercial redevelopment of historic properties.
  • The factors contributing to the shift of the local property tax burden.

Interim Study Committee on Government

  • Various topics concerning annexation.

Interim Study Committee on Pension Management Oversight

  • Status of existing local government unit pension plans.
  • Review and report on all requests for changes in a public pension program.

Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health, & Human Services

  • Implementation of a high-cost management program.
  • The integrity and security of the INSPECT program to insure it may be used for lawful purposes only.
  • Whether opioid treatment programs should be prohibited from allowing patients to take home a multiple day supply of opioid treatment medication.
  • Public policy that assists individuals with chronic eye disease in removing barriers to long-term access to effective treatment therapies.
  • Issues related to adding blindness and vision impairment services to the First Steps program.

Interim Study Committee on Public Policy

  • Societal impact of teenage pregnancy on education.
  • Competition and potential competition posed to existing casinos and racinos in Indiana as well as the comparative impact of potential changes in Indiana’s existing gaming laws on viability, patron admissions, and revenues of the existing casinos and racinos in Indiana.

Interim Study Committee on Public Safety & Military Affairs

  • How transforming Indiana’s veterans benefits services can increase those benefits to veterans and beneficiaries in compensation and pensions, education, medical care, etc.
  • How Indiana compares to other states in each component of benefits, as reported annually by the Veterans Benefits Administration.
  • How Indiana’s structure of assisting beneficiaries in obtaining benefits and tools may be restructured.

Interim Study Committee on Roads and Transportation

  •  Advise the bureau of motor vehicles regarding the suitability of a special groups to have a special group recognition license plate.

 Interim Study Committee on Utilities, Energy, & Telecommunications

  • The findings presented by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in its most recent report to the legislative council and their recommendations.
  • Underground facilities and tolerance zones for interstate pipelines.
  • Service areas of electric utilities.

Commission on Business Personal Property & Business Taxation

  • Topics assigned by Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 1 and SEA 118 concerning taxation, redevelopment commissions, authorities, and departments.

Commission on Improving The Status of Children

  • Under-reporting of crimes against children, including the reasons for under-reporting.