Environment Interim Committee on Environmental Affairs discusses recycling options

Interim Committee on Environmental Affairs discusses recycling options


Last legislative session, the General Assembly passed a measure that sets a statewide goal for recycling municipal waste and requires Indiana recycling organizations to post periodic reports on their recycling efforts. The law sets in place a goal for Indiana to recycle at least 50 percent of its municipal waste, and defines municipal waste as any garbage, refuse, industrial restroom waste, office waste or another similar material.

In order to meet this statewide recycling goal, the Interim Committee of Environmental Affairs met on Thursday to discuss the various options and best practices that will reduce municipal waste and increase recycling services in local communities.

Community leaders from various nonprofits and businesses met at the Statehouse to discuss the best practices for paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, compost, and manufacturing material recycling efforts. Industry leaders recommended policy proposals such as “Pay-as-you-Throw” and single-stream recycling in order to meet the demands of the recycling goal with limited fiscal responsibility to the consumer and taxpayer. Successful policies in states like Minnesota and Delaware were discussed as models for Indiana to follow, with education and outreach playing a pivotal role in each scenario.

PowerPoint presentations heard in the committee can be found below:

American Chemistry Council – Plastics>>

Ardagh Group – Glass>>

Indiana Recycling Coalition>>

Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District – Compost>>

Recycling Reinvented>>

Pratt Industries>>

The Interim Committee on Environmental Affairs will hold their next meeting in mid-October.