Education Lanane shocked, Pence refuses to seek federal preschool funds

Lanane shocked, Pence refuses to seek federal preschool funds


Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) released the following statement following reports of the governor’s last minute decision to forgo $80 million in funding towards early learning for Hoosier children.

“I am shocked by this decision. As a strong proponent of early childhood education and the bipartisan efforts, both private and public, to move Indiana ahead last session on this matter. The idea that we would, at this point, abruptly throw this opportunity away is hard to fathom.

“The Governor owes those of us who have labored hard to get our state on board and see the benefits of early childhood education more than just a statement. It seems imprudent that we reject $80 million because of fear of some speculative “pitfalls” and “unproven objectives” perceived attached to them. I fear this is a setback for the advancement of the welfare of the children of our state that we know will be improved by Indiana moving swiftly to implement early childhood education.

“It was assumed all along that obtaining these development grant dollars would be a real achievement for Indiana in moving early childhood education forward.  For the Governor to totally reverse course now calls for a complete explanation of why and exactly how he plans to replace such funding.”