Child Safety and Welfare A Look Back: The most popular posts of 2014

A Look Back: The most popular posts of 2014

Senator Lanane recaps this year's legislative session during a press conference in his office on Friday morning.

With 2014 coming to a close and the 2015 legislative session on the horizon, here are The Briefing Room’s most popular posts from this year in case you missed them the first time around.

Lawmakers made slight tweaks in the 2014 legislative session, but the initiative still allows qualifying offenders to expunge or clear their criminal record. Expungement: What you need to know>>

With neighboring states and nearby cities passing minimum wage hikes, it’s certain to be an issue discussed by the 2015 Indiana General Assembly. Here’s a quick look at the numbers behind raising the minimum wage. A closer look: Examining the costs and benefits of raising the minimum wage>>

The federal government signaled they would no longer interfere with medical marijuana at the state level, opening the door for Indiana to move its marijuana laws forward. Here’s a look at the progress Senator Karen Tallian made on marijuana decriminalization in 2014. Marijuana decriminalization update 2014>>

The value of quality early childhood education has come into focus in Indiana lately, and expanding a four-county pilot program launched last year will be a hot topic in 2015. Senate approves preschool pilot>>

Data provides a clearer picture. Take a look around the state and find areas of the state where health care coverage still eludes too many Hoosiers.  Mapping the health insurance coverage gap>>

What better way to prepare for the beginning of the 2015 legislative session then recapping the highlights of 2014. Here’s a breakdown of what new laws passed in 2014. New laws effective July 1, 2014>>

High fenced hunting is a perputal topic of interest at the Indiana Statehouse. Here’s what happened during a meeting on that very subject this summer. Canned deer hunting main topic of interim study committee>>

Hoosier families were caught off guard when Governor Pence – one of the state’s loudest advocates for preschool – turned down funding that could have helped thousands more Indiana children get a headstart on success and attend preschool. Lanane shocked, Pence refuses to seek federal preschool funds>>

Hoosiers agree protecting vulnerable children is a core function of state government, but Governor Pence and his Department of Child Services are failing to deliver and have broken state law in the process. Here’s a look at where the DCS caseload under-staffing story stands.DCS understaffing and caseload management>>