Health and Wellness Here’s what you need to know about Indiana’s new health care options

Here’s what you need to know about Indiana’s new health care options


On Tuesday, Governor Mike Pence announced Indiana had reached an agreement with the Obama Administration to offer health care to an estimated 350,000 lower income Hoosiers.

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Senate Democrats have long advocated expanding health care options to more Hoosiers, including proposals in 2013 and 2014.

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 What is HIP 2.0?

The Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 (HIP 2.0) is a modification of the state’s Medicaid program that succeeded in gaining federal approval to expand health insurance to as many as 350,000 lower income Hoosiers. HIP 2.0 consists of three programs: HIP Plus; HIP Basic and HIP Link.

HIP Plus is the most comprehensive of the three plans. It includes vision and dental benefits and requires beneficiaries to make monthly contributions to a Personal Wellness and Responsibility (POWER) account used to offset deductible expenses.

If beneficiaries fail to make consistent contributions to their POWER accounts, they are dropped to HIP Basic. HIP Basic covers all essential health benefits but does not include dental or vision coverage. Beneficiaries are also required to make copayments for medical services received.

HIP Link allows HIP-eligible beneficiaries with access to an employer’s health plan to receive HIP 2.0 support and a POWER account. HIP Link beneficiaries can use their POWER accounts to offset their employer-provided health insurance premiums, copays or deductibles. Employers must choose to participate in HIP Link and register with the state.

Who is eligible?

Hoosiers ages 19 to 64 earning incomes below 138 percent of the Federal Poverty Level – about $16,297 for an individual or $33,307 for a family of four – are generally eligible for coverage under HIP 2.0. Other requirements may be considered like employer-coverage availability, specific income or health situations, etc.

When can I apply for coverage?

Hoosiers can begin applying immediately and coverage could begin as soon as February 1.

I need help signing up, where can I go?

There are a number of ways Hoosiers can get help determining eligibility and applying for HIP 2.0.