Hoosier Economy 5 Summer trips for Hoosier travelers

5 Summer trips for Hoosier travelers


Indiana boasts a number of vacation spots covering an array of traveling preferences. Here are our top 5 vacation and staycation ideas, for everyone from adventurist to wine connoisseur, and in between.

blue river

Outdoor Adventure: A rapid river in Indiana may sound like a fantasy, but the Blue River in Southeastern Indiana Cave Country offers easy rapids with incredible scenic views.  Rent your kayak or canoe from Cave Country Canoes and spend the day, or multiple days, paddling down the mighty Blue River.

conner prarie

Historic Hoosier Living: If you are searching for a more educational activity, why not visit Conner Prairie, an interactive, living museum that replicates life in Indiana from the days of the earliest Native Americans to the early days of statehood.  The outdoor museum offers fun for all ages and is only minutes from the thrills of Downtown Indianapolis.


Food & Beverage Tours:  It’s summer and Indiana is full of opportunities to get out and explore Indiana’s ever-growing beer and wine industry.  So why not leave the kiddos at home and enjoy one of the many regional Wine Trails and Brewery Tours? However,  we know it isn’t always easy to just leave the children at home, there is a place that they may also enjoy.  The Albanese Candy Company, theonly tour-friendly gummi-candy company in the U.S.


Festivals: If you are searching for a way to celebrate that German heritage that many Hoosiers share, why not take a weekend and travel to Jasper, Indiana for the Annual Strassenfest? This week of weinershnitzel and bier is so German that you may see more lederhosen and hear more Dutch accents than any other time in our state. If heavy German food and whimsical dress don’t suit your fancy, head on up to Plymouth, Indiana for the annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival.  You can sample hordes of blueberry inspired treats, take part in a 15k run, fly in hot air balloons, or just spend time at the carnival.


Drive-Ins:  Lastly, for those looking for a trip close to home, why not try out one of the classic drive-in movie theaters that dot our state?  These eclectic summer adventures are perfect for first dates and families alike, offering all sorts of movies and diner food.  Get out the bug spray and blankets and head out to one of these great outdoor theaters: Tibbs Drive-in (Indianapolis); Starlite Drive-in (Bloomington); Georgetown Drive-in (Floyd County); Huntington Twin Drive-In (Huntington); Lakeshore Drive-in (Monticello); Holiday Drive-in (Rockport).

For a full list of Indiana’s tourist destinations visit www.visitindiana.com. There you can also find the Travel Indiana app where you’ll be able to watch videos, view photo galleries, see up-to-date event calendars, read feature stories and more—all in one window.

No matter your destination, the Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus wish you a fun and safe summer of travel!