Hoosier Economy Carrier, why they’re leaving and who’s going to pay for it

Carrier, why they’re leaving and who’s going to pay for it


"A promise made should be a promise kept" -Sen. Lanane on recapturing taxpayer-funded incentives from companies moving jobs out of state.

Posted by State Senator Tim Lanane on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Who: Carrier Corporation and United Technologies Electronic Controls Inc (UTEC) employ thousands of workers in manufacturing jobs across the state and are owned by United Technologies Corporation. Both Carrier and UTEC manufacture controls and units for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration.

What: Carrier and UTEC announced they will move manufacturing operations to Mexico, essentially terminating 2,100 jobs in Indiana. In response, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane proposed legislation to require companies to return publicly-backed incentive dollars should a company close a factory and move operations out of Indiana.

Why: While United Technologies generated $65 billion in revenues, the company will be moving their operations to Mexico where the minimum wage is $4.19 a day.

When: The companies said 2,100 workers will lose their jobs over the next few years, starting in 2017 as they shut down manufacturing operations in Indiana.