Local Government and Elections Details of independent redistricting debated in third hearing

Details of independent redistricting debated in third hearing


On Monday, the Special Interim Committee on Redistricting held its third meeting to hear public testimony and to begin discussing the structure of a potential independent redistricting commission. After hearing from experts, former legislators, and advocacy organizations – such as the League of Women Voters and Common Cause Indiana – in support redistricting reform, the committee members discussed some of the issues that will need to be finalized before submitting the committee’s final report.

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With only one committee hearing left next month, members of the committee have started to parse out the details of how an independent commission would function and what final authority, if any, lawmakers would have in the drawing of districts.

For example, details debated include:

  • How many members would serve on the independent commission?
  • Who would appoint those members?
  • What would the member’s backgrounds be? What role would political party play, if any?
  • What criteria would be considered when drawing the maps?
  • What role would the legislature play in finalizing the maps the independent commission submits?

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These items would have to be finalized at the committee’s next meeting on October 17, 2016 in order for a final recommendation to be approved by members of the committee.