Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

2017 Session Adjourns: An update from Sine Die

Late last week, the Indiana General Assembly rushed to wrap-up state business at the close of the 2017 legislative session. At the start of...

Session Halftime: 16 Bills We Followed during Deadline Week

Deadline Week This week we paid close attention to 16 key pieces of legislation that were on the Senate calendar to be considered for 2nd and...

State of the State Twitter Takeover: Real Hoosiers React

On Tuesday, Governor Mike Pence made his fourth State of the State address to Hoosiers around Indiana. The Senate Democrats handed over our @InSenDems...

Must Reads

Breaux OpEd: Voter information sharing didn’t start with federal commission, but with Indiana state...

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity is the latest federal overreach that puts Hoosiers’ private information at risk. In reality, President Trump, Vice...